We are what we eat.... 


All meals are freshly prepared on the premises by one of our full time cooks ...
...Traditional favourites, well cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients

What do you like to eat? This is one of the first questions we ask our residents when they arrive at Saint Judes. It is vital to us that our service users feel at home from the moment they arrive and although love, care and attention from the staff is critical, a good meal will always make you feel at home.

We always engage with our residents when it comes to making mealtime decisions and it seems traditional favourites, well cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients helps to keep all happy!

All meals are freshly prepared on the premises by one of our full time cooks and delivered straight to the dining room by the care staff. 

A good diet and physical activity help to minimise potential health problems and accelerate recovery from episodes of illness.

As activity lessens, calorie requirements fall. However, if insufficient food is eaten, the level of nutrients in the diet can become dangerously low, leading to a vicious circle of muscle loss, even less activity, and even lower appetite.

There are more underweight than overweight older people in the community and, in old age, being underweight poses far greater risks to health than being overweight.

Poor nutrition can contribute to a number of health problems including: constipation and other digestive disorders; anaemia; diabetes mellitus; muscle and bone disorders including osteoporosis, osteomalacia and osteoarthritis; overweight; and coronary heart disease and stroke. Poor diet may also contribute to other health problems such as declining mental health, changes to the nervous system and the immune system, cataract and some cancers.


At Saint Judes we are well used to catering for fussy eaters or those who require special dietary menus and a nutritional plan is kept to ensure our commitment to high nutritional standards is enjoyed by all.


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