Older people should be encouraged to undertake regular physical activity, such as walking, as this strengthens and builds up muscle and bone, and increases calorie requirements, which increases appetite. Even chair-bound people should be encouraged to do regular leg and arm movements.

At Saint Judes, care staff are tasked with encouraging these activities and we love to see our residents up and about enjoying as active a life as possible in line with their specific needs.


• We encourage up to 2.5 hours of moderate exrcise per week in 10 minute bursts

• Staff will accompany residents for walks around the gardens or in the summer months down to the nearby beach

• All accommodation takes into account the need for residents to have regular exposure to sunlight, which is a source of vitamin D. Features include large windows that allow UV light to pass through the glass, patio and garden areas.

• Some residents who rarely go outside are likely to need vitamin D supplements and are encouraged to consume a diet which provides sufficient calcium. All advice on supplements is taken from the residents own GP.